Playing in the

Woods Since 1954

Playing in the

Woods Since 1954

Oak Grove Theater

845 Quicks Mill Road (Rt 612)

Staunton,Virginia 24401

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Oak Grove Theater

Oak Grove Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit community theater group that performs an annual five play summer season. The plays are performed at night, out-of-doors, at beautiful Oak Grove just outside of Verona, Virginia. Please feel free to come picnic at the Grove before the sun sets and the play begins.

The season begins late in May and ends the late in August. Season Ticket Passes are only sold as a five-play subscription. Single play tickets are not available.

Oak Grove Theater is a non-profit organization that is supported entirely by season subscriptions. Please subscribe to Oak Grove Theater this year and enjoy five wonderful performances.


Welcome to the 66th season of Oak Grove Theater. This message will seem like old news to many of our patrons, but it’s always good to remind everyone of the Oak Grove policies. This will allow all of our patrons, new and old, to enjoy the Oak Grove Theater experience.

Season Ticket Pass

Season Ticket Passes may be lost in the mail or delivered late. These tickets can be picked up at the gate on the night you plan to attend the performance. The Oak Grove staff has records of these purchases and will have your tickets waiting. If you haven’t purchased season tickets, you can purchase season tickets at the gate. Season ticket pass holders can purchase tickets for out-of-town guests at $15 each for a single night performance.

Entrances and Exits

Please enter Oak Grove Theater from the “Main Gate” – the one with the Oak Grove sign – and exit through the “Woods Gate” to the “Field Gate,” which is shown on the map. Please veer to the right fork when entering the Grove. The left fork is exclusively a fire lane and should be clear of vehicles at all times. A parking attendant will help later in the evening.


If you park in the Grove Proper (under the trees), please park around the perimeter of the cleared area (as shown on the map). This will allow traffic to move easily and enter the overflow parking area of the field. Please obey the traffic ushers and the traffic cones. Make sure you keep entrances and exits open. If parking in the Grove Proper, ALWAYS back into your parking space. Later, when leaving after the performance, everyone can go exit without backing out. Field parking is in four rows, as shown on the map. The cast and crew parking will show how the rows are laid out. For the second and third rows, leave the egress lanes open – at the lower fence and near the gravel drive – for all cars to enter and exit as shown on the map. Back-in or pull-in to park in the field – whatever is convenient.

Reserving Audience Seats

Season Tickets Pass holders can reserve seats starting at 6:30pm. All cushions and objects designed to reserve seats are not allowed before 6:30pm. There is usually a line of patrons in lawn chairs waiting for the start of reservation seat time. The gate personnel will open the gate at 6:30pm and let patrons reserve seats on a first come, first served basis. Please respect the handicapped seating on the front row. Season Ticket Pass holders may reserve their parties’ seats with non-adhesive flagging tape, cushions or string. Non-adhesive flagging tape is available at the ticket gate to mark reserved seats. Please, NEVER use adhesive tape on the seats. Reserved seats must be occupied by 8:40pm or forfeited to other patrons.

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Feel free to tailgate before the performance and enjoy the beauty of Oak Grove Theater. Picnic tables are provided on a first come, first served basis. It’s always a good idea to bring lawn chairs to supplement the available seating.

Concession Stand

For the benefit of picnickers and other early arrivals, the concession stand will open at 7:30pm each performance night. The stand is operated by volunteers from the Shenandoah Valley Kiwanis Club. Proceeds from concessions benefit the projects of the Kiwanis Club.

Bells and Showtimes

Shows start promptly at 8:45pm. Please be in your seat by 8:40pm. Very large crowds may delay the actual opening as patrons take their seats. Once the show has begun, any late patrons will need to wait for a break on stage to be seated. The theater bell will ring at 8:15pm (one half hour before the show), again at 8:30pm (15 minutes before the show) and at 8:40pm (please be seated immediately).

We’d like to remind all of our patrons of Oak Grove Theater policies, so that everyone will have an enjoyable experience. Again, thanks for being a part of Oak Grove Theater and enjoy our 65th season.


Oak Grove Theater

845 Quicks Mill Road (Rt 612)

Staunton, Virginia 24401

(540) 248-5005*

*Phone only manned on show nights


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