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Playing in the

Woods Since 1954

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Oak Grove's 2018 Season


Is He Dead?

A new comedy by
Mark Twain
as adapted by David Ives

Directed by Patrick Smith and produced by Alexis Wagner-Call
Thursday, May 24 - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Jean-Francois Millet, a young painter of genius, is in love with Marie Leroux but in debt to a villainous picture-dealer, Bastien Andre. Andre forecloses on Millet, threatening debtor's prison unless Marie marries him. Millet realizes that the only way he can pay his debts and keep Marie from marrying Andre is to die, as it is only dead painters who achieve fame and fortune. Millet fakes his death and prospers, all while passing himself off as his own sister, the Widow Tillou. Now a rich "widow," he must find a way to get out of a dress, return to life, and marry Marie.


A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen,
translated by Frank Southerington

Directed by Justine Mackey and produced by Madeleine Buttitta
Thursday, June 14 - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nora Helmer is a vibrant young housewife who nonetheless suffers from a crippling dependency on her husband of eight years who has always done the thinking for the both of them.  In order to save Torvald’s life, Nora arranges a loan without his knowledge. The foreseeable revelation of the crime results in an unexpected reaction from Torvald. With one of the most famous, and scandalous, climaxes in all of nineteenth-century drama, A Doll’s House, so progressive for its time, tells a story that even in today’s society, is still relevant over a hundred years after its premier.


The Spitfire Grill

A Musical
Music & Book by James Valcq
Lyrics & Book by Fred Alley
Based on the film by Lee David Zlotoff

Directed by Cori McDaniel
Music directed by Melissa Dull
Produced by Jeff McDaniel
Thursday, July 5 - Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Percy Talbot has just been released from a five year prison sentence for manslaughter. She is trying to find a place for a fresh start, and based on a page from an old travel book, travels to the small town of Gilead, Wisconsin. The local sheriff, Joe Sutter, who is also Percy’s parole officer, finds her a job at Hannah’s Spitfire Grill – the only eatery in this struggling town. The Spitfire Grill is for sale. But with no interested buyers, Hannah decides to raffle it off. Entry fees are one hundred dollars and the best essay on why you want the grill wins. Soon, mail is arriving by the wheelbarrow full and things are definitely getting hot at the Spitfire Grill. This musical triumph is an inspiring celebration of fresh starts and the power of what one person can do.


Good People

by David Lindsay-Abaire

Directed by Nancy Kiracofe
Thursday, July 26 - Wednesday, August 1, 2018

strong language

Welcome to Southie, a Boston neighborhood where a night on the town means a few rounds of bingo, where this month's paycheck covers last month’s bills, and where Margie Walsh has just been let go from yet another job. Facing eviction and scrambling to catch a break, Margie thinks an old fling who's made it out of Southie might be her ticket to a fresh new start. But is this apparently self-made man secure enough to face his humble beginnings? Margie is about to risk what little she has left to find out. With his signature humorous glow, Lindsay-Abaire explores the struggles, shifting loyalties and unshakeable hopes that come with having next to nothing in America.


Love, Lies &
The Doctor's Dilemma

A hilarious farce from the authors of
There's A Burglar in My Bed
by Michael and Susan Parker

Directed by Sam Koogler and produced by Michael Lafferty
Thursday, August 16 - Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Joan Scheller lives with the great love of her life, Sandy, with whom she raises cannabis in the potting shed. In an effort to hide their relationship from her overbearing sister-in-law, Olivia St. Claire, she introduces him as her psychiatrist. Before long, Vinny the Enforcer, a quintessential Italian mobster, masquerades as her security guard, while her son, Chris, on the run from Vinnie, is forced to wear a dress and become her daughter Christina. Further complications occur when her new neighbor, Rachael, creates chaos and confusion wherever she goes. Everyone wants a session and Sandy is forced to listen and give misguided advice. To everyone’s surprise it seems to work.


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