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Donate to the Grove

Donate to Oak Grove Theater

Oak Grove Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported almost entirely by season ticket sales, generous patrons, and an all-volunteer army of theater lovers. There are no paid staff at Oak Grove. Donations are tax-deductible.

Thank You!

In 2012 Oak Grove purchased 20 acres to the west and the north of the theater that had originally been part of Pennyroyal, owned by founders Fletcher and Margaret Collins. The extra land provides a buffer from development and noise in the area and gives us room to grow.

Since the purchase, Tom & Pat Cabe have led the crusade to pay off the original purchase price of $134,500. Thanks to their leadership and the generous donations of our patrons and friends we were able to pay off the mortgage in January 2021.

Special thanks are given to Francis Collins, and his wife Diane Baker, who generously donated $25,000. The donation stemmed from Francis, son of Fletcher and Margaret, being awarded the Templeton Prize in 2020.

The map below shows Oak Grove and Pennyroyal in grey, the buffer zone in green, and the yellow area is owned by Fletcher & Margaret Collins’ children.

Thank you everyone!