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Behind the Season

Oak Grove Theater Code of Conduct

Oak Grove Theater is an entirely volunteer organization. Grovers are here to learn, perform, foster friendships and make lives better through an infinitely rewarding art form. The following guidelines are in support of those goals and are in keeping with the values necessary to sustain a supportive and creative environment.

Oak Grove Theater believes that with a combination of respect, communication, common sense and empathy, the community can create an environment that prioritizes safety while also doing work of the highest quality. It is our goal to maintain an environment free from sexual, racial, ethnic, religious, age-based, disability, sexual orientation and gender expression harassment.

There will be no retaliation against an individual who has complained about or reported alleged harassment or who has cooperated with any investigation of alleged harassment, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.


  • If in doubt, don’t do it. If someone pulls away or asks you to stop it, STOP IT. Hugging, touching, and tickling can imply a sense of intimacy that is not shared.
    •  Ex. Playing with someone’s hair without consent, or giving a hug without consent
  •  In the context of intimate actions as part of the performance (e.g., kissing or “making out” on stage), these will be choreographed, accepted by the actors involved, and there must be a commitment between the actors that the choreography is not altered without the consent of both parties. These will always be rehearsed with a third party.


  •  Don’t subject others to unwanted judgmental gazes or commentary on clothing, bodies, appearance, racial attributes, weight, or personality characteristics.
    • Ex. “I like your dress” is an acceptable statement. “I like how that dress hugs your curves” is not.


  • When someone tells you that you are engaging in offensive behaviors, take their concerns seriously and correct your actions as appropriate.
  • If someone has done something that you believe is inappropriate, advocate for yourself and pull them to the side and take the time to foster an open and honest conversation about what transpired.
    • If you don’t feel comfortable approaching the person(s), or if the unwanted behavior is repeated, the next step is to talk with your Stage Manager or Producer. If you are not comfortable talking to anyone working on the show then please reach out to any board member with whom you feel comfortable. A current list of board members can usually be found at the top of this page: