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Hay Fever

Hay Fever

at the Oak Grove Theater August 17-23, 2023
Directed by Ken Rowland
Produced by Ben Houseknecht 

In this classic Noel Coward comedy, Judith Bliss is a retired actress, who isn’t so sure she wants to stay retired. She, and her eccentric family have all invited guests to their country house for what becomes anything but “a quiet weekend in the country”.  Misunderstandings abound as pairs shift and change and the overly dramatic hostess makes the most of it all.

Cast List

Simon Bliss – Louis Altman
Sorel Bliss – Araya Fitzwater
Judith Bliss – Elizabeth Brandon
David Bliss – Robb Zahm
Clara – Sherry Emerson
Jackie Coryton – Nora Oechslin
Sandy Tyrell – Ben Houseknecht
Richard Greatham – Jeff Johnston
Myra Arundel – Jenifer Sarver