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The Old Man and the Old Moon

The Old Man and the Old Moon

at the Oak Grove Theater June 15-21, 2023
Directed by Erin Tabscott Staebell
Music Directed by Melissa Dull
Produced by Linda Petzke

Mystery and adventure abound as the Old Man sets out to discover what mysterious melody drew his wife away from a comfortable, predictable life keeping the moon full of light. Join the Old Man on this musical journey of storytelling, magic, heartache, and hope as he must choose between love and his duty to keep the moon full. Full of foot tapping songs woven with heart rending melodies, this Celtic inspired spectacle is sure to touch your heart and leave your soul  full of light!

Cast List

Matheson Jeremy Douylliez-Willis
The Old Man Brent Hull
The Old Woman Brie Roche
Butcher Rosalind Collins
Fishmonger/Bartley Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Boatswain 1/The Young Woman Maggie Cox
Boatswain 2/Rebel 2/Bartender Cori McDaniel
Fine Lady Emily Bump-Girard
Ben, The Shopkeeper Elizabeth Barron
Clerk/Ghost Singer Matt Parrish
Mickey Chester Johnston
Mabelu Nathan Noel
Callahan Nora Oechslin
Llewellyn Sam Mosley
Captain Larry Fisher
Cookie Daniel de Tablan
Rebel Captain/Solomon Sherry Talbott
Patron Melissa Dull
Perry Tarken Davis
Lucy Nathan Noel


Music Director, Piano Melissa Dull
Accordion Lillian Harner
Fiddle Suzanna Burkholder
Fiddle Elizabeth Barron
Guitar Matt Parrish
Bass Rosalind Collins
Drum Shaye Klingensmith