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Thank you to the Company of 2020


If you talk to any of the folks listed below then please help Oak Grove Theater thank them for being a part of our 2020 Virtual Season! If we missed anyone then please, please let us know as it was a crazy year. Wishing you health and happiness. We can’t wait to see these folks and all of you during our 2021 Season!

A very special thank you from Oak Grove to the following people for making our virtual season a success:

Janie Ballurio
Greg Beam
Teri Beasley
Leigh Ellis Beauchamp
Elizabeth Needham Bruce
Julia Bussey
Pat Cabe
Tom Cabe
Jim Call
Alexis Wagner-Call
James Caputo
Rick Chittum
J David Clatterbuck
Elizabeth Collins
Rosalind Collins
Brandon Collins
Jami Lea Cook
John K Craft
Melissa Dull
Ginny Francisco
Sarah Francisco
John Fregosi
Donna Gee
Emily Bump Girard
Robbie Girard
Kim Harris
Barbara Allan Hite
Brian Holsopple
Ben Houseknecht
Jenny Howard
Karen Painter Hudson
Brent Hull
Jen Jones
Diane Kester
Brittney Kislek
Sam Koogler
Mike Lafferty
Kathy Walton Lafon
Barbara Spilman Lawson
Charlie Lawson
Danny Lee
Justine Juart Lunsford
Justine Mackey
Martha Gates Mawson
Cori McDaniel
Mary Meade
Reece Disney Middleton
Jeff Mo
Ryan Odenbrett
Donna Pangburn
Jacquie Patteson
Tom Pereles
Linda Petzke
Susan Polly
Ron Ramsey
Teri Robinson
Terry Robinson
Don Roe
Doug Roller
Tidge Roller
Alejandro Rosa
John Michael Schott
Morgan Alberts Smith
Patrick Smith
Bill Smith
Paul Southerington
Terry Southerington
Allison Sprouse
Erin Tabscott Staebell
Joan Swift
Susan Swift
Mark Swift
Sherry Talbott
Susan Vass
Michael Vayvada
Rowan Walker
Brian Wells
Linda Williams
Robin Williams
Steve Winegard
Bob Wright
Cookie Wright
To watch the virtual season goto:…