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Many Thanks from the Oak Grove Theater.


If you see any Grovers then be sure to tell them thank you from the Grove!

Thank you!

The Oak Grove Theater is an all volunteer organization and we are thankful to each and every person for contributing their time, talents, love of theater, and love of community and making the Grove a great place to be. 

Thank you to our patrons and donors for 70 years of kindnesses for the performing arts.

Company of Players for 2023

The following people gave their time and talents and, together with the members of the Board, these were the Oak Grove Players for 2023.
Thank you!

Louis Altman
El Atwell
Elizabeth Barron
John Bayne
Greg A. Beam
Bill Birchler
Mikey Blouin
Chris Boros
Elizabeth Brandon
Elizabeth Needham Bruce
Suzanna Burkholder
Craig Cavanaugh
Matthew Cline-Taskey
Rosalind Collins
Maggie Cox
Tarken Davis
Daniel de Tablan
Jeremy Douylliez-Willis
Melissa Dull
Sara Dull
Jesi Dunnivan
Sherry Emerson
J.R. Fellin
Barbara Ferguson
Clarence Finn
Larry Fisher
Cindy Fitzgerald
Glenn Fitzgerald
Araya Fitzwater
Larry Friedland
Emily Bump Girard
Max Girard
Robbie Girard

Lillian Harner
Brian Holsopple
Ben Houseknecht
Jenny Howard
Brent Hull
Joe Hurt
Chester Johnston
Jeff Johnston
Diane Wampler Kester
April Klingensmith
Brice Klingensmith
Shaye Klingensmith
Roxanne Shearer Koogler
Sam Koogler
Will Koogler
Michael Lafferty
Vivien Lundsford
Alex Lunsford
Scott Lunsford
Bill Martin
Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Saige McCurdy
Cori McDaniel
Mary Meade
Sam Mosley
Nathan Noel
Ryan Odenbrett
Nora Oechslin
Michael Palmer
Matt Parrish
Eleanor Drew Perkinson
Linda Petzke
Susan MacGregor Polly

Becky Parmer Price
Ron Ramsey
Yaritza Resendiz-Hernandez
Mike Riddell
Teri Robinson
Terry Robinson
Brie Roche
Sarah Rose-Stuart
Ken Rowland
Jenifer Sarver
Josh Smith
Morgan Alberts Smith
Patrick Smith
Paul Southerington
Terry Southerington
Cait Spielman
Erin Tabscott Staebell
Sebastian Staebell
Sherry Talbott
Natalie Tasillo
Susan Vass
Alexis Wagner-Call
Rowan Walker
Sarah Wendtlandt
Andy West
Gary Wilson
Steve Winegard
Maggie Wratchford
Fara Stone Wright
Robb Zahm

Special Thanks to Carol Johnson and 
Wonderland Enrichment Center